Park 7

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This office building has a covered atrium on the ground floor level. The architects opted for a very flat glass roof with a slope of 2°. The glass roof is mainly visible from the outside from the offices that overlook the inner courtyard.

This structure is placed on variable feet on the HEB1000 so that a ridge is created in the middle.

The glass panes have dimensions of approximately 4000 x 1350mm and are walkable for a maintenance person. The joint between the glasses is glued so that the water can flow out of the glass roof without any hindrance.

The edge of the glass roof has an organic rounded shape. A sheet metal finish provides the finishing touch and makes the edge wind and watertight.

Given the slight inclination of 2°, the Raico system was chosen. This is a system where the glasses are placed in a rubber seal. These rubbers are mounted on the steel.  Despite the slope of 2° this glass roof has passed all wind and water tightness tests and this structure has also been approved by Seco.


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Glass roof & atrium

Jaspers-Eyers Architects - Leuven (BE)

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