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Part of Deforche Construction Group

Forzon works with developers who champion the use of integrated architectural glass roof structures within urban environments. We create innovative indoor and outdoor designs and our creativity and vision help to inspire architects, property developers, contractors, investors. Forzon’s approach is to think out-of-the-box and deliver high-quality design that is always stylish and distinctive. We have the in-house know-how, innovative spirit and drive for quality to offer tailor-made solutions for a range of challenges, Skylights, domes, canopies, roof lights photovoltaic walls, saw-tooth roofs, you name it: we bring light to your project.

Moreover Forzon - as part of the Deforche Construction Group - has over 90 years of expertise and experience in greenhouse technology. We are your creative partner and place our knowledge centre at the service of your project. Our mission is simply this: to create bright spaces. Another way of saying it is that we find innovative ways to use glass in order to create a sustainable, green and positive environment. 

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