Forzon’s glass constructions are able to guarantee the desired climate throughout the year, even without the frequent use of energy-consuming heating or cooling systems. We achieve this through a clever combination of techniques, linked together with an efficient climate control system that uses environmental parameters like the intensity of the sun and the wind speed.

Climate management of Climate control

Your construction includes a made for purpose climate control that takes outdoor meteorological parameters into account, such as light intensity, wind direction and speed and precipitation, which can have a major impact on the indoor climate. Our objective is to harness whatever the weather conditions are outside to achieve the desired climate inside. In other words: climate-responsive design.


The electrical works in a glass construction are different to the electrical works in general construction. Forzon uses materials and mounting methods that minimise the risk of the galvanised or powder-coated structure rusting over time. General electricity includes the installation of cable channels, sockets, lighting and data cabling.


Sunscreens allow us to keep the sun out, partially or completely, and limit the heat loss from the structure. This means that we are able to allow or block the entry of environmental parameters and therefore control the indoor climate, see it as a dynamic insulation.


For clients who are interested in bioclimatic buildings, Forzon effortlessly bridges the gap between architecture and greenhouse construction. We are happy to help you with our unique heating and cooling installations which are tailor made for our constructions. With our own engineers and installers, we guarantee a well finished result.

High pressure fogging system

To prevent bioclimatic buildings from becoming too hot in full sunlight, we like to work with adiabatic cooling in the form of a high-pressure fogging system combined with opening air vents and an optional sunshade. The high-pressure fogging system operates at more than 100 bar, which results in an extremely fine droplet size that evaporates immediately. Frequent flushing, filtration, disinfection of the system and a proper water source, guarantees that problems with Legionella will not occur.

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