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Forzon works with developers who champion the use of integrated architectural glass roof structures within urban environments. We create innovative indoor and outdoor designs and our creativity and vision help to inspire architects, property developers, contractors, investors.  As part of the Deforche Construction Group, we have 90 years of experience in greenhouse technology. 

Our approach

Forzon offers a turnkey approach to your project. As a client, you are an integral member of our project team. Our collaborative approach ensures a process that is transparent, speedy and efficient in which you are closely involved, step-by-step, until your project is completed. 

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Why Forzon?

Act local, think global

On the one hand, Forzon maintains a wide network of international contacts allowing us to maintain our market knowledge of various modern technologies On the other hand, we strongly believe in a personal approach to assist our customers with this knowledge.

Fields of exellence

The construction of a glass roof or skylight requires substantial expertise in various specialties. Forzon's fields of excellence are far-ranging. Whatever your design requirements, Forzon can help: perhaps you want to use glass, steel and aluminium in one design; or perhaps you need to strike the right balance between enough light and the appropriate climate; or perhaps you are looking for a free-form 3-dimensional shape, or a smart-tinting natural light management system. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to find the best technical solutions.

Project construction meets conservatory technology

The advantages of greenhouse technology within contemporary architecture extend far beyond being a current trend. The advantages offered by greenhouse technology are sustainability, energy-efficiency, improved aesthetics, greater cost-efficiency compared to traditional building techniques and resistance to all conditions.

Attention to detail

Pioneering architectural projects require special attention to detail: support structures, glass thicknesses, slopes, walkability, water drainage, sun blinds, water sealing, acoustics, lighting, maintenance; for Forzon, every facet is an essential part of the overall solution.

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