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Forzon specialises in the realisation of various customised glass and steel canopies and has extensive experience in a range of applications.

Canopies not only provide protection against the sun and rain, they also form a point where people intuitively assemble. The application scope is wide: glass canopies on playgrounds, sun canopies for eating venues, smoker’s canopies, steel canopies from your parking area to your office, aluminium canopies for ramps in underground carparks, etc.

Glass canopies

A glass canopy brings an element of design to your building and often forms a creative extension. We can assist you with the technical aspects of the creative process and the realisation of your ideas. Canopies have many applications, for example at the entrances to shopping centres or to create shelter where it is required.

Steel canopies

Canopies are often the design element that make that first great impression.With steel, the possibilities are infinite. Forzon guarantees the right look with technically-based solutions.

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