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Skylights & roof lights

Aluminium skylights, saw-tooth roofs and steel skylights have gained in popularity in recent years. Forzon offers a range of possibilities that light up offices, schools and corridors. On top of that, Forzon also meets your demand for fire-resistant skylights EI60-EI30.

Forzon has the necessary knowledge and experience. When it comes to aluminium canopies, steel constructions and roof lights, we offer you the common applications but we also work out projects fully tailored to your needs.

Aluminium skylight

If you want to generate the perfect light exposure, you need look no further than Forzon’s aluminium skylight. A skylight brings the light exactly where it is needed and offers an optimal distribution of natural light. Production and assembly are done in-house by Forzon. This way, you can rest assured that your products are of the highest quality and that they are installed perfectly.

Steel skylight

Get acquainted with stylish, slim, steel skylights. The timeless steel construction gives the structure extra cachet and offers the possibility of working with larger dimensions of glass.

Fire-resistant skylight EI30 – EI60

Did you know that skylights near adjacent buildings often must be fire-resistant? Our range of fire-resistant skylights has a fire resistance of up to 60 minutes. We design and deliver custom-made structures in steel and aluminium with fireproofing up to EI60.

Saw-tooth roofs

Saw-tooth roofs consist of a continuous series of north-facing ridges, allowing sunlight to enter indirectly. The distinctive, upright design is perfect for indirect light and also provides the opportunity for solar energy. For the southside of the space, you can opt for a photovoltaic panel or PV glass (photovoltaic glass). 

Saw-tooth roofs bring soft and diffuse light and are ideal for galleries, museums, schools, offices and industrial facilities where the aim is to block the inconvenience of direct sunlight.

Designing a saw-tooth roof is an integrated project, requiring detailed coordination of steel structures, gutters, roof, skylight and ventilation. Forzon is your single point of contact for the entire roof.


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