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Our Project Track

Create together

Forzon is all about working together collaboratively. A seamless customer journey is key. As a client, you are an integral member of our project team. Our collaborative approach ensures a process that is transparent, speedy and efficient in which you are closely involved, in six steps, until your project is realised:

1. Concept

We work together with you to outline the expectations in the concept file, which sets out the ambitious objective of your project. 

The concept file contains all essential timings and milestones, in addition to detailed drawings, a general plan and a principle outline. Once the file has been approved, the project moves onto the next step: engineering. 

2. Engineering

We draw up the internal production drawings and model the project in professional design software. The model is then used to design all the parts drawings required for production.

3. Production

During the engineering phase, we determine which packages will be prepared for transport to your project. Hedafor has a high-tech package system that is monitored by our Project Managers.

4. Assembly

At the project site, the Hedafor team carries out the assembly with the greatest care. Members of the assembly team will be happy to talk to you about their working methods, and are in direct contact with the Project Manager who oversees the progress of the project. 

5. Completion

Once the project is completed, it’s time to relax and enjoy. Our delight in sharing our passion, creativity, knowledge and experience with our clients doesn’t stop there. Every year we reward five lucky clients with a multi-day trip. Maybe you’re next? 

6. After-sales Service

You can count on our after-sales service. Your Hedafor Service Manager will contact you personally at the time of completion and can be contacted via the details below to answer all your questions:

  • +32 51 14 00 88

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