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Architectural greenhouse concepts

Architectural greenhouse concepts

The combination of glass, steel and aluminium presents itself more often in the project market.   The benefits of light, space, sustainability and a unique modern appearance convince more and more people.

Also in outdoor applications, a greenhouse system look can give an industrial touch to your design.  In renovation projects and protected monuments, the character of the building is preserved.

The applications vary from greenhouse walls and roof systems, with several ventilation abilities, like meeting rooms, offices, corridors and monuments.

We provide complete custom-made solutions where a thorough harmonisation of glass, steel and aluminium is necessary for the success of your project.

Greenhouse wall systems

Forzon has an in-depth knowledge of the design and construction of greenhouses. Our unique customisation combines your specific goals with the desired design.

Greenhouse roof systems

Do you know that it is mainly the greenhouse roofs that create the look of a conservatory building? Forzon ensures that glass conservatory roofs create maximum light.  We are mainly involved in glass greenhouses and offer all common greenhouse roof solutions. In addition, you can also take advantage of our various aeration and sun protection systems.

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