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Jaspers-Eyers Architects - 51N4E - l'AUC


The visitor is surprised by a winter garden that can be opened to the public in summer through high doors. 

The glasshouse has its own automatically controlled climate control of ventilation, sun protection and irrigation.  Integrated solar cells in the glass of the roof will provide the energy for the functioning of the building.  The architectural concept of this greenhouse is special because of its high technology to climate control. 

Forzon realises both the primary steel structure designed by Greisch and the aluminium facades and glass roofs. 

The glass roofs are a sequence of asymmetric gable roofs.  In the pitched side, photovoltaic cells are integrated into the glass.

The greenhouse will be produced according to a method of sustainable product development and will be Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified.  The focus is on the reusability of products so that they can be recycled as raw materials for future generations.

The project is special because it is a glasshouse in the heart of the North Quarter in Brussels whose skyline is dominated by high-rise buildings. 

The old WTC (World Trade Center) dating from 1979 has been demolished with the exception of its concrete staircase and lift cores.  A tower will be built around these cores.  At the foot of this tower a glasshouse will be built with a ground surface of 30m x 60m and a height of 20m. 

This is not an ordinary greenhouse but a green oasis that will serve as an entrance.  Throughout the seasons, the visitor to this building will get the feeling of entering a park.  It will be a green place where man and nature thrive in harmony.  This space can be used in a multifunctional way; a coffee break at a food truck, an event with an  audience or a completely closed space for private purposes

A great project, we carry out on behalf of Befimmo.



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