The fields of excellence of Forzon

The realisation of a glass covering requires a lot of expertise in various specialties. We therefore aim for a LEAN approach by combining knowledge and expertise day after day and by communicating with all our employees. We dare to say that this approach results in a genuine knowledge centre for our customers.

Act local, think global! 

On the one hand, Forzon maintains a wide network of international contacts allowing us to maintain our market knowledge of various modern technologies. On the other hand, we strongly believe in a personal approach to assist our customers with this knowledge.

Objective and neutral

Our extensive experience enables us to provide tailor-made advice and to guide you in your choice of the most appropriate technical solution for your glass covering or skylight. We map out the pros and the cons to help you make the best choices for your project.



We can suggest to you all types of glass for any situation. Smart glass, high efficiency glass, etc.


We take care of both the primary steel structures that determine the full stability and the secondary steel structures. With a view to the installation of glass and aluminium, we attach great importance to details and strict tolerances.


We offer both system solutions from various suppliers and our own profile systems for customised solutions.

Sun protection

Both surface-mounted systems on the outside of your glass roof and protective devices on the inside are among the possibilities. However, state-of-the-art technologies such as smart glass can also offer a solution.

Maintenance constructions

It can be difficult to carry out maintenance works on glass roofs or skylights because they are often difficult to reach. That is why a well-thought-out design and an efficient maintenance system are indispensable.

Fall protection devices

Safety is an absolute priority, not least for the maintenance of a roof. Already from the design phase we focus on necessary safety provisions: safe access, lifelines, hook systems, etc.

Walkable glass

Depending on the specific situation, it may be appropriate to design a walkable glass roof or skylight.

Smoke exhaust

Fire requirements often demand that smoke extraction is provided. Of course, it is important to integrate it in an aesthetic way. The full package – up to and including the elimination of the cables – can be taken care of for you by Forzon.


In addition to installing sun protection, controlled natural ventilation can significantly improve the experience under a skylight. Forzon has the expertise to design such ventilation.

Climate control

The climate under a transparent roof is crucial for maximum comfort under the roof. Forzon can provide weather stations and the corresponding control in function of temperature, wind direction, rain, moisture, etc.

Water drainage channels

When designing a glass roof, special attention needs to be paid to the waterproofing and water drainage. Forzon delivers wind, water and airtight seals, including the gutters.


If you have a large glass surface, it may sometimes be necessary to fit the bottom (e.g. the trusses) with acoustic material to increase the acoustic comfort. Forzon can include this in your implementation plan.


A glass roof and a skylight can be beautifully illuminated so they also shine in full glory at night. Forzon knows how to do this with precision and care for even the smallest details.


The access to a roof must be safe. A well-devised access plan and safe maintenance constructions are essential. Forzon takes this into account very seriously during the development phase.


Waterproofing seems obvious. However, practice shows that a lot of expertise is involved in this area. After all, every technique has its own basic rules. Forzon boasts the know-how and a broad experience in demanding projects.

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