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This impressive 100 metre long skylight breathes life into the building with floods of natural light. The atrium was fitted with a rail mounted maintenance gantry, the design and installation of which required extensive analysis to ensure structural loads were transferred appropriately to the underlying supporting structure.


In the heart of Brussels, on the Tour & Taxis site, there are many visionary and innovative buildings. The entire site has been redeveloped and has become an international destination for leisure, events and business. Along with the Royal Depot, Hôtel Douanes was among the first buildings to be renovated and now houses an hotel, administration offices and a variety of businesses.

The Hôtel Douanes is an historically significant building in the style of the adjacent Royal Depot. Architect Ernest Van Humbeek (1839-1907) gave glazed skylights a central role in his commissions and a visit to view the building is highly recommended.


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