Immeuble Rue de Levis

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4 steel skylights on an apartment building in the heart of Paris.  The skylights are executed in double insulating glass, with a passerelle just above the skylight.

The glass roof was custom-made, respecting and integrating the existing elements such as chimneys, gutters and downpipes.  Also the access to the roofs has been examined.  Grids were placed on the glass roof to ensure circulation on both sides.  The glass roof is made of extruded aluminium profiles with thermal break, from the Reynaers range.  The glass is double insulated.  Automated openings are integrated for natural ventilation. 



In the heart of Paris in the 8th arrondissement, this typical town house is built in the style of the famous architect Haussmann.  On the roof level, the owner had the idea to replace part of his fixed roof with a glass roof.  From the glass roof he has a magnificent view over the roofs of Paris.  The zinc roofs of Paris are world-famous and cannot be changed just like that.  Forzon has therefore realized a glass roof that is fully integrated into the existing zinc roof, while respecting the historical heritage.



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