Pairi Daiza Sanctuary: a hybrid structure for humans and animals

pairi daiza sanctuary

The construction of the new entrance of Pairi Daiza is progressing well, now the works of the Sanctuary building have also started in Brugelette. The Sanctuary will be an architectural masterpiece with room for people, animals and plants.

Both people and animals will find their place in this 52 000m² transparent construction: on the one hand, it will be an inviting space with catering facilities and, on the other, a tropical home for various flora and fauna. The structure of volume, height and stability is built with technology similar to that of a football stadium. So it is not at  all a traditional greenhouse. This glass roof construction has a height of 20m (ridge height 23m) and is placed on columns with a span of 50m. It will also contain a freshwater and saltwater pool where visitors can enjoy water fun in a tropical setting of fauna and flora.

This building was also created by Forzon, with sustainability in mind, so that several generations will enjoy it.

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