A combi-design with glass, steel and aluminium: an ambitious plan?

Concept & project designers are of crucial importance in the different project stages. They lend colour and flavour to every architectural idea and translate this concept in a technical manual for all project stakeholders. Designers that master the art of both glass and aluminium and are capable of combining them in one design are, to say the least, exceptional. A flexible out-of-the-box project team handling diverse and challenging cases can be regarded as a good investment in combi-design experts.

What are your ambitions?

Designers often argue that they want to specialise so as to distinguish themselves from their colleagues. However, when you’re dealing with combined designs, you will miss opportunities this way, as the whole is always more than the sum of the different specialisms (here, glass, steel and aluminium). A distinctive design always starts from brainstorming sessions with a diverse and motivated team. A certain idea may inspire another team member and create a snowball effect resulting in a solution that meets all pre-set conditions. The satisfaction that one has when having reached the optimum solution, is highly motivating, which in turn advances creativity. And a creative environment encourages hunger for knowledge. When you can keep this profitable circle going, you’re in fact investing in combi-design experts.

The position of a combi-design expert: personal – company – client

Combi-design experts take on a personal challenge every day and are able to share this with their project teams. These experts are also the perfect response to combined market demands because the realisation of architectural designs often require a broad view. Such a team is a true gift for every thriving business. Combi-design experts also pass on their solution-oriented, creative and constructive ideas about particular situations to the construction team. As a result, clients can rest assured and focus on issues that are essential to them.

Technical challenges

A technical file contains concept details, general plans, structure models, a list of selected materials, purchase schedules, assembly instructions... When drawing up a design, combi-design experts should always consider the coherence of design, production and assembly.

Thanks to their knowledge of materials, design solutions can be found for interfaces so that issues such as stability, dilatation, fixation, aesthetics, functionality, water sealing, maintenance, etc. can be solved as a whole in a technically substantiated manner.

Designs must also consider limitations that may be generated by other contractors. Clear and transparent communication by way of a roadmap, a clear drawing code and experience are the key to success.


Brainstorming sessions begin with manual sketches, gathering information, sharing knowledge, out-of-the-box ideas...

In other words, a good design starts with gathering information and ideas from a project team, after which the expert integrates all creative ideas in a plan that he can submit to his client in full confidence.

So, who would you not want to work with a combi-design expert? We certainly do.

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