Zin in Noord - Seco Test

The preliminary works for the construction of the greenhouse ZIN in the centre of Brussels at the North Station are ongoing.

The project consists of 15 shed roofs of 3.75 m wide at a height of ±18 m above ground. 

On the short side, the shed roofs are fitted with 30m-long continuous ventilation, containing clear laminated/hardened glazing. In the long side, 438 PV panels will be installed.

These compositions of the glass were retained for conducting the tests.

The glazing of these shed roofs were tested for load and walkability. 

In the presence of the architect and SECO's engineers, the tests were carried out in our production plant in Izegem

Impressive to see how a 50kg sandbag fallen down from 2m40 height  and a 5kg metal ball at a load of 100kg have no impact on the glass.


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