Pairi Daiza: new entrance to the park

It is no coincidence that Pairi Daiza was voted the most beautiful animal park in Europe. When Pairi Daiza designs buildings for its residents, they want top-notch architecture.

New entrance

Do the architects draw a Hindu temple? Then the temple will be built and sculpted by Hindus. They also go for authenticity and take inspiration from existing, world-famous buildings. For example, when Eric Domb decided one morning to improve the entrance to the park, he took inspiration from the Cristal Palace in London, built in 1851.

The 116-metre-long entrance to the park is covered by a 12-metre glass arch. Here, too, we go for durable quality, with real steel and glass. Forzon brings to this project all its expertise in the field of greenhouse technology, applied to architectural structures.

Here, we are not building for a single lifetime, but for generations to come.

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