Greenhouses of the future

Greenhouse technology in the architecture

Greenhouse technology in architecture provides an innovative and sustainable solution by creating bright spaces for people & nature

Forzon - Chassékazerne - botanical - botanisch - kas - serre

Originally designed to optimize sustainability and food production, greenhouse technology today promises to redefine the way buildings interact with their surroundings. 

The greenhouses of the future will not only be cultivation spaces but essential components of architectural structures, providing controlled environments for diverse purposes. Seamlessly integrated into urban spaces, these greenhouses become green oases, sustainable bastions in the heart of modern cities.

Forzon - Chassékazerne - botanical - botanisch - kas - serre

Thanks to advances in materials and environmental management technology, the greenhouses of the future will be able to maintain ideal climatic conditions for plant growth while providing pleasant living and working spaces for users. Smart sensors will regulate light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, ensuring a perfect balance for crop growth and simultaneously creating a comfortable environment for people.

Glass roof in Benmore Botanical Greenhouse - Forzon

These greenhouses offer significant environmental benefits by acting as urban oxygen supply, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. By filtering polluted air and converting organic waste into compost, they contribute to purifying the atmosphere and creating ecological balance in densely populated areas.

The architecture of these greenhouses also embraces aesthetics and elegance. Slender structures of glass and steel will be integrated into the urban landscape, creating a striking contrast between the natural and built environment. Hanging gardens, vegetative waterfalls, and lush green spaces provide relaxation areas that promote well-being and connection with nature.


CAH Dronten - architectural greenhouse concepts by Forzon

In essence, greenhouse technology in architecture ensures the perfect union of sustainability, functionality, and beauty. It attests to a commitment to a future where a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature is not only possible, but essential to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

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