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The clean lines of the existing restaurant are continued in the extension on the terrace. This extension on the rectangular terrace has 3 glass facades of which the two that open onto the square are composed of windows that can slide down automatically. For this terrace roof of 13,5 m by 4,5 m, a primary steel structure ensures the stability of the glass structure. Both the roof and the walls are glazed. All techniques for the automation of the sliding windows are incorporated in the structure. A blind edging in lacquered sheets as a cornice gives a horizontal line to the building and hides the slope of the glazed roof and its gutters.


Fratellini Caffée is a beautiful, atmospheric Italian restaurant on the edge of the So Ouest shopping centre in Levallois, Paris. It is a contemporary brasserie where you can go for a quick bite while shopping or for a business dinner with customers. The restaurant, located on the ground floor, also has a terrace that quickly fills up when the weather is good. The owners want to use this terrace all year round. For this purpose, they have had an extension designed entirely in glass so that the outdoor feeling is maintained but also feels cosy inside. For this they have chosen for automatic vertical sliding windows so that when the weather is good the whole space feels like outside. The roof is completely in glass.

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