Parc du Cinquantenaire (phase 3)

Realisation info


The third phase of the project involves renovating Autoworld's roof.  More than 9000 m² of new roof lights will be installed.  

By order of the main contractor Six Izegem, Forzon is responsible for the delivery and installation of the purlins, aluminium glass and seals.


Technical description

The old zinc roofs with skylights are renovated to meet today’s requirements for energy efficiency and wind water tightness.  This is being done with respect for the historical character of the building.  The original slope and glazed surfaces are retained, as well as the division of the glass with its typical historic profiles. The alignment with the eaves joint of the zinc roofs is continued in the skylights above.  The transition between zinc and glass roof was refined especially for this project and achieved exclusively with zinc and lead as transition materials.



The parc du Cinquantenaire was commissioned by Leopold II and was intended to honour Belgium's 50th anniversary.  The project was not completed until 25 years later than planned.  That was in 1905, 3 years before the death of the monarch. 

Today, the glass roofs are all in need of replacement.  The single glass is replaced by double glass.  The third phase of the renovation involves Autoworld, the museum for the automobile.

Here, both the external glass roof and the internal glass ceiling have been restored.  The glass roof was insulated and made wind and watertight.  The old glass of the inner ceiling has been replaced with new glass and fitted into the existing profiles.

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Skylight & roof light

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